Stainless Steel Pools & Spas

Stainless steel offers refined sophistication to indoor and outdoor living areas. Amenities using these metals rival other spas in unmatched durability. Neither metal will fade, crack or blister, and they are leak-proof, for a lifetime of enjoyment.

We bring over 20 years of experience through Haskel Sears Design & Construction, builders of full-scale commercial and residential projects and uniquely crafted interiors and exteriors. Custom metal fabrication from the highest quality materials offers flexibility and unlimited possibilities, whether it be a rooftop pool or spa, cold plunge pool, soaking bath, sink, or outdoor kitchen.

We partner with premier manufacturers and trusted experts in custom metal fabrication to bring you the world’s finest pools and spas. These elegant creations are the focal point of hotels, residences, and other facilities across the globe. The look of your luxury retreat is only limited by your imagination and will be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional installations.

Our experience, expertise, and innovation will bring your vision to life with sustainable materials that stand the test of time.

Lowest Monthly Maintenance and Zero Future Maintenance

Stainless steel pools naturally inhibit bacteria, microbial, and algae growth which require far less chemicals of any kind. Less time cleaning, more time enjoying. Stainless steel pools require zero future maintenance.

Combined, our pools save $40,000 or more every 10-15 years compared to gunite/shotcrete pools that require acid washes every 3-5 years and reapplication of the pool finish every 10-15 years.

Lighter and Faster

Stainless steel pools are 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight of concrete or shotcrete alternatives, and can be fully installed in a fraction of the time. Thinking of an elevated option, cantilevered off the 2nd floor balcony? We can install stainless steel pools anywhere!

Stronger and More Durable

With an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, stainless steel and pools and spas can easily handle any structural or seismic force. When properly maintained, they will never delaminate, crack, peel, discolor, or require renewing finishes.

Ready to Go

Custom stainless steel pools and spas arrive with the plumbing and electrical wiring integrated into the construction, and they do not require rebar reinforcement. We simply prep the site and lock it in place!


Our pools and spas are fully welded and hydrostatically tested to ensure 100% watertight performance. How much is peace of mind worth when considering an investment?

No Surprises

Stainless steel pools and spas are precision engineered so they fit perfectly every time. Laser cut with a CNC machine, detailed shop drawings through the engineering process, welded seams buffed out for a seamless vessel, nothing but the best every time.

25-Year Limited Warranty

Our stainless steel pool and spa shells are guaranteed against corrosion resulting in perforation for an industry-leading 25 years. If you decide to sell your home in 10 years, the new owners will still have the peace of mind of 15 years remaining on the warranty, guaranteeing the buyer is not inheriting issues.


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